IBPS Clerk Syllabus 2022: Know Topics, Exam Pattern and Preparation Strategy

IBPS Clerk Syllabus 2022:  बैंकिंग कार्मिक चयन संस्थान (IBPS) अपनी आधिकारिक अधिसूचना के साथ IBPS क्लर्क सिलेबस 2022 जारी करता है। आईबीपीएस क्लर्क 2022 प्रारंभिक परीक्षा पास करने के लिए उम्मीदवार को जिन तीन प्रमुख खंडों में महारत हासिल करनी चाहिए, वे हैं रीजनिंग, क्वांटिटेटिव एप्टीट्यूड और अंग्रेजी भाषा। IBPS क्लर्क मेन्स सिलेबस 2022 में 4 सेक्शन, रीजनिंग एबिलिटी और कंप्यूटर एप्टीट्यूड, क्वांटिटेटिव एप्टीट्यूड, इंग्लिश लैंग्वेज और जनरल / फाइनेंशियल अवेयरनेस शामिल हैं।

आईबीपीएस क्लर्क परीक्षा 2022 में पूछे जाने वाले महत्वपूर्ण विषयों को जानने के लिए उम्मीदवारों को पाठ्यक्रम के माध्यम से जाना चाहिए। आईबीपीएस क्लर्क 2022 प्रारंभिक परीक्षा 28 अगस्त, 3 सितंबर और 9 सितंबर, 2022 को आयोजित की जाएगी। इसके अलावा, मुख्य परीक्षा के लिए सभी प्रारंभिक परीक्षा योग्य उम्मीदवार 8 अक्टूबर, 2022 को आयोजित किए जाएंगे। बैंक क्लर्क आईबीपीएस परीक्षा 2022 का नवीनतम पाठ्यक्रम पढ़ने के लिए पढ़ें।

IBPS Clerk Syllabus 2022

IBPS Clerk Syllabus and Exam Pattern

आईबीपीएस अपनी आधिकारिक अधिसूचना के साथ आईबीपीएस क्लर्क पाठ्यक्रम और परीक्षा पैटर्न जारी करता है। आप नीचे इस पोस्ट में अद्यतन आईबीपीएस क्लर्क पाठ्यक्रम और परीक्षा पैटर्न देख सकते हैं। आईबीपीएस क्लर्क सिलेबस 2022 किसी भी अन्य बैंक परीक्षा के समान ही है। प्रमुख तीन खंड जिन पर एक उम्मीदवार को आईबीपीएस क्लर्क 2022 प्रारंभिक परीक्षा के लिए एक पूर्ण कमांड की आवश्यकता होती है:

• रीजनिंग
• क्वांटिटेटिव एप्टीट्यूड
• अंग्रेजी भाषा
जब कोई उम्मीदवार प्रारंभिक परीक्षा पास कर लेता है, तो उसे मुख्य परीक्षा की तैयारी शुरू कर देनी चाहिए। IBPS क्लर्क परीक्षा 2022 की मुख्य परीक्षा में 4 खंड शामिल हैं जिनका उल्लेख नीचे किया गया है:

• रीजनिंग एबिलिटी और कंप्यूटर एप्टीट्यूड
• माक्वांटिटेटिव एप्टीट्यूड
• अंग्रेजी भाषा
• सामान्य/वित्तीय जागरूकता

IBPS Clerk Prelims Syllabus

The IBPS Clerk Prelims exam contains three sections:

  • English Language
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Numerical Ability

The IBPS Clerk Syllabus for Prelims is as follows:

English LanguageReasoning AbilityNumerical Ability
Reading Comprehension
Tenses Rules
Cloze Test(Fill in the Blanks)
Jumbled Paragraphs
Idioms and Phrases
Multiple Meaning
Error Spotting Correction
Reading Comprehension
Preposition Rules
Logical Reasoning
Alphanumeric Series
Alphabetic Series
Data Sufficiency Tests
Coded Inequalities
Direction Test,
Seating Arrangements
Coding and Decoding
Blood Relations
Profit, Loss and Discounts
Quadratic Equations
Approximation and Simplification
Mixtures and Alligations
Simple and Compound Interest
Surds and Indices
Work and Time Speed, Time and Distance
Mensuration: Cone, Sphere, Cylinder
Data Interpretation
Ratio, Proportion and Percentage
Number Systems
Sequences and Series
Permutation, Combination and Probability

IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern

IBPS Clerk Preliminary exam includes English Language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability sections. The sectional pattern is tabulated below:

SectionsNumber of QuestionsMaximum MarksSectional Duration
English Language303020 minutes
Numerical Ability353520 minutes
Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
Total100 questions100 marks60 minutes

IBPS Clerk Syllabus For Mains

There are four sections in the Main Examination namely Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and General/Financial Awareness. The section-wise syllabus for each of these sections are mentioned below:

IBPS Clerk Mains Syllabus for English Language

This section tests your command of the English language. The time duration for the English section in Mains is 35 minutes. The syllabus for the English language is given below:

1. Reading Comprehension
2. Grammar
3. Para jumbles
4. Fill in the Blanks
5. Synonyms and Antonyms
6. Idioms and Phrases
7. Sentence Correction
8. Error Spotting
9. Cloze Test
10. One Word Substitution
11. Sentence Rearrangement
12. Active & Passive Voice

IBPS Clerk Mains Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude evaluates the numerical ability and problem-solving skills of the candidates. Mastering this section requires regular practice. The time duration for the Quantitative Aptitude section in Mains is 45 minutes. You can find the IBPS Clerk Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude as under:

1. Ratio and Proportion
2. Time, Speed and Distance
3. Work and Time Equations
4. Mixtures and Alligations
5. Basic Statistics (Mean, Average, Median and Variance etc.)
6. Stocks, Shares and Debentures
7. Percentages
8. Clock Ray Questions
9. Volume and Surface Area
10. Logarithms
11. Permutation and Combination
12. Partnerships
13. Heights and Distances
14. Probability
15. Simple and Compound Interest
16. Profit, Loss and Discounts
17. Basic Algebra
18. Basic Trigonometry
19. Charts, Bars and Graphs
20. Data Interpretation

IBPS Clerk Mains Syllabus for Reasoning Ability

This section tests your mental and analytical abilities. The time duration for the Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude section in Mains is 45 minutes. The following are the important topics as prescribed in the syllabus for Reasoning Ability which are asked in both the IBPS Clerk Prelims and Mains exam:

1. Analogy
2. Assumptions and Statements
3. Syllogism
4. Coding and Decoding
5. Blood Relations
6. Sense of Direction and Distance
7. Alphanumeric Series
8. Non-Verbal Reasoning
9. Seating Arrangements
10. Puzzles

IBPS Clerk Mains Syllabus for Computer Aptitude

You can find the IBPS Clerk Syllabus for Computer Aptitude below. The time duration for the Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude section in Mains is 45 minutes. This section is important for your Mains exam.

1. Basics of Hardware and Software
2. Operating Systems
3. Internet and Associated Topics
4. Microsoft Office and Other Word Processing Software
5. History of Computing
6. Basic Computer Networking
7. Basics of Databases
8. Basics of Cyber Security Tools and Processes

IBPS Clerk Mains Syllabus for General/Financial Awareness

This section checks the candidate’s awareness of the events going on in the world in general and in the financial and banking domains in particular. The time duration for the General/Financial Awareness section in Mains is 35 minutes. Here are the important topics covered under the General Awareness section of the IBPS Clerk Mains exam:

1. Current World and India
2. Geography Concepts
3. History Concepts
4. Political Science
5. India’s Financial and Banking System
6. Budget and Monetary Plans of the Government
7. Key National Institutions
8. Basics of Banking

We advise you to spend at least one hour every day reading the newspaper and going through daily or weekly current affairs to prepare well for this section.

IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern for Mains

Go through the IBPS Clerk Mains Pattern 2022 from the below table:

ame of the TestNumber of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration for Each Exam
General/Financial Awareness505035 minutes
General English404035 minutes
Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude506045 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude505045 minutes
Total190200160 minutes

Section-Wise IBPS Clerk Weightage

Candidates can check the section-wise, as well as topic-wise, weightage of questions in the IBPS Clerk exam below:

English Section Weightage

This section contains a total of 40 questions. The subject-wise IBPS Prelims weightage for the English section is given below:

  • Reading Comprehension- 10 questions (I passage)
  • Verbal Ability- 10 questions
  • Vocabulary- 5 questions 
  • Grammar Section- 5 questions

Numerical Ability Weightage

The Numerical Ability section contains a total of 50 questions. The subject-wise IBPS Prelims weightage for Numerical Ability section is given below:

  • Data Interpretation- 15 questions
  • Arithmetic and Geometry- 15 questions  
  • Simplification- 15 questions 
  • Series- 5 questions 

Reasoning and Computer Awareness Weightage

The Reasoning and Computer Awareness Section contains a total of 50 questions. The subject-wise IBPS Prelims weightage for Reasoning and Computer Awareness section is given below:

  • Number Series – 5 questions
  • Data Sufficiency – 3 questions 
  • Circular Seating Arrangement – 5 questions
  • Direction Sense – 2 questions
  • Math Inequalities – 5 questions
  • Syllogism – 5 questions
  • Arrangement – 5 questions 
  • Computer Hardware – 6 questions
  • Computer Software – 6 questions
  • Computer Memory – 5 questions
  • Data Representation – 1 question
  • Operating System – 2 questions
  • Internet – 5 questions
  • Networking – 3 questions

IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips and Tricks

तैयारी के कुछ टिप्स नीचे दिए गए हैं। आप आईबीपीएस क्लर्क परीक्षा की तैयारी रणनीतियों की गहराई से अनुभाग-वार जांच कर सकते हैं।

  • एक अध्ययन योजना बनाएं ताकि आप पाठ्यक्रम को समय पर पूरा कर सकें।
  • अंग्रेजी अनुभागों के लिए, नियमित रूप से समाचार पत्र और पत्रिकाएं पढ़ें और नए शब्दों को नोट करें।
  • क्वांटिटेटिव एप्टीट्यूड के लिए हर टॉपिक के फॉर्मूले को दिल से याद करें। समस्याओं को तेजी से हल करने के लिए सूत्रों के अनुप्रयोग में महारत हासिल करने के लिए नियमित रूप से अभ्यास करें।
  • रीजनिंग के लिए, पूरे प्रश्न को समझें, दिए गए डेटा को संक्षेप में लिखें और फिर उसे हल करने का प्रयास करें।
  • सिलेबस पूरा करने के बाद फुल-लेंथ मॉक टेस्ट लें।

IBPS Clerk- Best Reference Books for 2022

IBPS क्लर्क की तैयारी के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ पुस्तकें नीचे सूचीबद्ध हैं। नीचे सूचीबद्ध पुस्तकें नवीनतम परीक्षा पैटर्न और परीक्षा प्रवृत्ति पर आधारित हैं।

SubjectIBPS Clerk Preparation BookAuthor/ Publications
Reasoning AbilityModern Approach to Verbal and Non-verbal ReasoningR.S. Agarwal
Numerical AbilitySmart BookTestbook
General and Financial AwarenessBanking AwarenessArihant Publications
English/ Hindi LanguageObjective General EnglishArihant Publications

FAQs on IBPS Clerk Syllabus

Some of the frequently asked questions related to the IBPS Clerk syllabus are provided below:

Q.1: What is the syllabus for the IBPS Clerk exam?
Ans: IBPS Clerk Prelims syllabus consists of topics from English language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability. General/Financial Awareness, General English, Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude, and Quantitative Aptitude are included in the Mains exam.

Q.2: Will the IBPS Clerk syllabus be the same for this year?
Ans: The topics for the IBPS Clerk exam remain the same every year. However, if there are any announcements made in this regard, we will update the latest syllabus in this article.

Q.3: Is the syllabus for IBPS Clerk and PO the same?
Ans: The subjects covered in the IBPS PO and Clerk syllabus are the same, but the exam format differs slightly. There is also a descriptive English test in the IBPS PO Mains but not in the Clerical cadre exam.

Q.4: Is the IBPS Clerk syllabus tough?
Ans: The IBPS Clerk syllabus is comprehensive. If a candidate is well aware of the topics included in the syllabus and the latest exam pattern, they may not consider the syllabus to be tough.

Q.5: Where can I find the detailed IBPS Clerk syllabus?
Ans: Candidates can check as well as download the latest and updated IBPS Clerk syllabus PDF for Prelims or Mains from this article.

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