Family Courts (Amendment) Bill 2022

Family Courts (Amendment) Bill 2022 :- Family Courts (Amendment) Bill, 2022 was passed in Lok Sabha on July 26, 2022. The bill allowed legal status to family courts set up in Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland. Bill has likewise approved every one of the moves made by these courts.

Arrangements of the Family Courts (Amendment) Bill 2022 incorporates

Charge looks to add an arrangement in sub-segment 3 of area 1, for setting up family courts in Himachal Pradesh basically from February 15, 2019 as well as in Nagaland viable from September 12, 2008.

It likewise looks to add another segment 3A to approve all the move made by these courts, reflectively.

It will likewise approve the moves initiated by Himachal Pradesh government and Nagaland government under the Family Court Act of 1984.

In Nagaland, two family courts were set up in 2008 and in Himachal Pradesh three family courts were set up in 2019.

Family Courts in India:

Family Courts Act 1984 was established to set up family courts in each locale. Under the Act, State legislatures are commanded to set up family courts for each city or town with populace more than 1,000,000. Consequently, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju as of late mentioned the state government across India to lay out one family court in each area. In India, there are 715 family courts. Weight of forthcoming cases has expanded to 11,49,907 as of May 2022. Till May 2022, around 69,464 new cases have been enlisted while 75,386 cases have been settled.

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