Most of the students works very hard throughout the year but scores less in comparison to their efforts.  There are some students who complains that they don’t find any interest/reason to study and remains misguided during their student life. The students often complains that they tried to tget their interest in study and prepared some kind of time table or a routine but was unable to follow continuously. There are certain important issues that are faced by students-

  • Feeling of inferiority if they scores low in any examination than other companions.
  • Pressure of parents, family and relatives to score good/study hard.
  • Darkness about future options about career and life.
  • Hiding the passion due to the pressure of parents.
  • Changing hormones and improper guidance.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Not staying motivated throughout the session.


Role of parents

Parents play the most important role in development of a child. Most of the parents treats their child as a right on him/her. This approach limits the growth of their minds and make them as the puppet of the parents. After a certain age the child stated thinking that his/her parents are just to stop him doing anything he/she wants. Due to this approach the child starts fake statement in front of parents and slowly-2 derailed from the track. This is not something which happens all of a sudden. This is a long process in which the parents are directly/indirectly responsible for derailment of his child. Therefore, the parents are requested not to put unnecessary bars on their children. Let them explore the world in their own way. Think that we are just the way to bring them in the world and rest of the thing will be taught by nature. Just keep a look towards their health and activities to prevent them from derailment.


Role of teacher

It seems a controversial statement but it is reality that most of the teachers have chosen their profession not because of student’s future but for securing their own. The teaching was a passion and teachers were treated above the God in ancient India. However, in present days the teaching has become one of the most developing commercial platform for the businessmen and politicians as well. The teachers must inculcate the ancient culture of being Guru means one who brings light in the life of his disciples.


Newton during bubonic plague

In the era of modernization most of the educational institutes have become highly techno-efficient and the buildings and surroundings have been completely modernized and surrounded with artificial environments. This causes students to limit themselves with the study of books and undergoing researches or concluded ones. There is an incident happened with great scientist Isaac Newton. The whole Europe was grappling with an epidemic so called bubonic plague during 1665-67. The young scholar was studying in Trinity College, the pandemic enforced him to leave the city and he moved his home town and there he lived with nature for almost one year. The idea of Universal Laws of Gravitation was lightened during this period as you all know the story of apple fallen from the tree. Newton himself quoted in a book “For those days I was in the prime of my age for invention and minded Mathematics and Philosophy more than at any time since”. This happened because Newton had no distraction and was completely able to focus on his own thoughts. There are many such incidents which really proved that nature is the best teacher for developing new ideas in young brains. The surrounding for developing young scholars plays an important role. Therefore, it is necessary look into the surrounding and if not suitable then re-organize the surrounding to enhance the thinking skills of the brain.


Most of the students are even not knowing the basic meaning of studying jus they are doing so because their parents admitted them in school since childhood and they accepted the study as a burden or as the way to get jobs. There is a misconception amongst the communities that the education can be obtained only by studying books dedicatedly and being alumni of a prestigious college or university. But the reality is that education is method of learning life and if we learn to live happy our mind will become so fertile that a small seed of idea can bring the revolution in the world. So the way of thinking about education must be curved. Our main focus must be on learning to life which can expand the fertility of our brains. For example if you start your day with healthy life style then you whole day becomes rocking as you find sufficient amount of time to complete the routine tasks.

This is how students must curve their approach toward education and not only students but parents and teacher must understand the concept of enhancing the fertility of the brain.

About author– The author is a social worker and expert in Physics and Mathematics. He also hold a certificate of Excellency in Special Theory of Relativity from IITK.

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