Slow living: A way of living towards successful life

What is slow living?

Slow living does not mean to live a lazy life, it is very different from what it sounds. It has broad meaning which contains a slow approach towards life and consuming less time in routine lifestyle. It sounds very awkward that I am living a slow life, but actually slow living is the only way when we spend maximum time with ourself. Normally all of us have lots of tasks in our day to day life which make us busy and if you really audit the consumption of time through out the day, You will shock that most of the time you spent would be of no use and you remained unaware till the the time you carried out the audit of time. More over it does not mean that people who are staying at home can be gainer. This life styles suits to all but you need to remain calm and cool through out the practicing period, the time will come it will become your life style.

Why slow living is becoming so popular?

In the fast running world it has become a fashion that if you say someone that i am busy means you are doing a great job else if you are free means you are of no use. So keeping or so called showing yourself busy has become a smart trend now a days. Therefore, our whole life and golden time goes in vain just doing this show off. At the last stage of life, we realises that what we did whole life was just a showcase. The motto of our life must be growing old with the nature and facing the realities of life. It will bring joy and feeling of blissfullness through the life. Hence, people have bored from living the the busy and meaningless life and trying to find out the solutions. In Bhagwat Geeta Shri Krishna also guided Arjuna to work slowly but consistently will result fruitful.

How to practice?

Steps to be followed for slow living

Practicing slow living means just slow down your life by avoiding unnecessary activities. Here are some tips y few people who have been following this lifestyle for along time-

  1. A hurried life is opposite to slow. It makes your life very complex and difficult even you feel at letter stage that you lived the past without any aim or purpose. Therefore, realisation is very important in our life. We must be aware about all the incident and progress happening in our life.
  2. The whole universe is integrated and we are also the tiny integral part of the world. Anything happening in our surroundings are directly or indirectly affecting us for an example a well disciplined scooter driver hit by an unbalanced lorry causes damage to disciplined scooter driver. This happened to innocent scooter driver because he and lorry driver or even lorry is integrated. To star a slow living life style we must adopt the approach of integration.
  3. The slow living does not means to switch the job or leave the hobbies or other activities. It means to slow down the pace and do the activities with full involvement.
  4. Adopt the healthy lifestyle by maintaining the flower or kitchen garden and start writing your views about life and world or whatever you like.
  5. Spending time with the dear ones visiting the places blessed with natural beauty will help in inclination of thought process.

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