How to live happy, tips to increase your energy and live a happier, healthier and more productive life

How to live happy :- In modern world we, the human being have become so busy to find time for their spiritual awakening. Most of the population of the planet is aimless and running behind the physical attractions. The realization hits their mind during the last stage of life when they feel that they are no more able participate in any race of physical world.

We are spending our precious life with hit and trial methods. Assume that if you have to operate a machine and push any button without knowing it’s outcome, what would happen? The answer is either the system would crash or it would undergo a technical snag. What goes wrong with the machine? We did not go through the user manual of the machine and operated it randomly.

How to live happy

Then what about our body and mind which is the most complex machine of the planet. We are operating it or feeding it without knowing about our body and mind or we can say that without going through the user manual of our system.

The human body

Figure 2 Who am I????

Human body is the most complex machine of the planet and it needs to be treated in the same fashion. We must understand the programming of our body. Our organs works gently if we cares what, when and how much we have to nourish them. Now the question arises what is the user manual for our organs and how we should follow it ?

The user manual of the human body

Figure 3 User manual of life….

The nature is super intellectual and provided the user manual in each species by designing their structure. If we look towards the non-social species of the planet they are strictly adhering the user manual. Notice the activities of the animals/birds they follow the strict routine without failure a single day. But what about us we curves our sleep, exercise routine and even food as per our comforts. We must understand that the cell is the fundamental unit of the life and what we eat directly/indirectly affects the life and health of our cells. The live and natural food which have the signs of life and has good memories must be eaten in a healthy proportion.

What is live and natural food with good memories?

Do you think that I am talking about the meet and chicken then I will say a big No. I am talking about the fresh food that is vegetables and fruit to be consumed soon after harvesting them. Then you can doubt about wheat, millet and ground nuts etc. Are these dry ration/fruits good for our health? Undoubtedly I will say yes because in almost all the regions of the planet the fresh food can’t be made available throughout the year then the choice comes to the dry ration as they can contain sign of life for years and years.

If you sow the wheat it has the capability to produce the plant. The non-vegetarian food contains bad memories and become dead immediately after assassination. It will not be able to communicate with your organs in a gentle way. That’s why switch to vegetarian fresh food for growth of good cells.

The human mind

Figure 4 Human mind

The human mind is the most enlightened mind on the planet like the body. As we feed our body with nutritious food, our mind also need to be nourished. Our surroundings are filled with lots of unwanted and irrelevant things which affects our learning directly/indirectly. Assume if you eat rotten food what would happen? Your stomach would be like oops. In the same fashion our mind goes. The surroundings plays an important role for nourishment of our brain and it becomes difficult to change theme completely. Therefore, we have to develop the power of acceptance and negligence.

The power of acceptance and negligence

Figure 5 Acceptance and rejection

I will take you for a round of learning physics. Have you ever thought/read about polarisers during your academics? The polarisers are the optical devices which allows either horizontal/vertical propagation of light and blocks one of them as per the type/use. In the same fashion we have to develop the power of acceptance and rejection for learning/training of our brain. We must learn to block unwanted garbage from penetrating our mind.

This is the way we can make us spiritually awaken and can find a good way of living the priceless human life.

About the author:- The writer is a scholar of Mathematics & Physics and holds certificate of specialisation in Special Theory of Relativity from IITK. This article is impressed by teachings of Sadhguru. However, the writer has expressed the article in his own way and mixed the experience of his own life.


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