Write Quality Contents to boost CPC Rates in Google AdSense.

The niches and topics have a great impact on AdSense CPC rates. Always keep an eye on trending topics and relevant pages in your niche.

To increase the CPC rates, it is suggested to create custom channels for ad units.

You can even improve Google AdSense CPC and boost conversion rates by using high performing ad formats.

Try to provide large possibilities for bidders for your ad slots to bid higher by enabling text as well as display ads.

Use only one Advertising Network to increase CPC Rates

Blocking unwanted ads will increase the number of bids in real time from high-paying bidders that resulting in increased CPC rate.

To Increase CPC Puts ads in the right place where your customers are.

Using responsive templates and themes for increased CPC rate.

Make A/B testing with your blog website that can impact positively on the Adsense CPC rate.